Diamonds for Less:

A Premier Experience in One of the Best Jewellery Stores in Toronto

Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Ring

We create beautiful engagement rings Toronto’s community has come to know and love.

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Wedding Rings

Offering some of the best special occasion and wedding jewellery in Toronto, Diamonds For Less is pleased to bring our customers a selection of professionally designed, timeless jewellery.

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Custom Jewellery

We create beautiful engagement rings Toronto’s community has come to know and love.  We provide a personalized service of the highest quality.

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Diamond Jewellery

The best jewellery stores in Toronto are ones that allow you to create your own custom jewellery, using handpicked, high-quality diamonds.

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What’s in a name?

We would like to think, lots!

For more than 30 years, Diamonds For Less has been providing wholesale priced diamonds from its convenient Downtown Toronto location to the most discriminating buyers; People just like you!

On top of serving the general public, Diamonds for Less will proudly show you actual jewellery pieces in person before you purchase it. Yes, that’s right. Come into our office to see, touch, and feel actual diamond jewellery in Toronto.

Diamonds for Less:

A Premier Experience in One of the Best Jewellery Stores in Toronto

Canada’s Source For Pre-Certified And Conflict Free Loose Diamonds.
At the Best Price Guaranteed!

Popular Collections

Our collections feature engagement rings, wedding rings, custom jewellery and diamond jewellery from basic to extraordinary.

A Wide Selection of Diamond Jewellery Among all Jewellery Stores in Toronto

Our collection of high quality diamond jewellery and engagement rings prominently feature popular precious diamond cuts such as round diamond cut, princess diamond cut, radiant diamond cut, cushion diamond cut, oval diamond cut, emerald diamond cut, pear diamond cut, marquise diamond cut, heart diamond cut, asscher diamond cut, and many more.

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Our customers can also book a personalized appointment to browse our wide selection of natural fancy coloured diamonds: the rarest and most unique diamonds from around the globe. Each natural coloured diamond jewellery piece is one-of-a-kind, with varying colour intensity and saturation and are best viewed live, and in person at our Downtown Toronto location.

Get your Diamond Jewellery Customized

Our customers always find the perfect diamond rings in Toronto because Diamonds for Less possesses one of the largest engagement ring selections in the country, and we can also create unique custom jewellery designs to your exact specification.

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For 30 years, Diamonds for Less has been creating bespoke, one-of-a-kind custom jewellery pieces, by blending cutting-edge jewellery design methods with age-old goldsmith techniques. Simply select your ideal diamond and our experienced professional jewellery designers will be able to model your diamond jewellery before your eyes with a 3D rendering.

Diamonds for Less is one of the few Toronto jewellery stores that will help you find the best loose diamond or diamond jewellery for your personal taste and budget. Our broad selection of diamond jewellery consists of diamonds, coloured diamonds, engagement rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, anniversary bands, and much more. Come visit our store to see our broad selection of diamonds for yourself and get more information first hand by booking a no-obligation jewellery consultation.

Get the Best Diamonds
with the Help of our Team

Every single shopping experience at Diamonds for Less is personalized and tailored to our customer’s vision, needs, and budget. The Diamonds For Less team will be happy to present a variety of jewellery options and choices for every customer who walks through our door.

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Diamonds for Less will also ensure that our customers receive the best value for their hard earned money by dispensing helpful advice and suggestions on the very best diamond jewellery to purchase based on their taste and budget. No other jewellery stores in Toronto can compare to the kind of service we provide.
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