The global pandemic might have put a dent in engagement and marriage proposals last year, but things are starting to look better in 2022. With the ease in lockdown measures and social gathering, there has been an uptick in couples proposing and tying the knot this year. 

2022 is the year for wedlock, and we are here to help you figure out the best engagement rings that are trending this year. Buying an engagement ring for your spouse is usually a once in life-time spectacle, and we want to make sure you choose a ring that your spouse will cherish forever.

Yellow Gold Rings 

Yellow gold rings have become the hot favourite since late last year and have taken over rose gold as the preferred choice for many couples. Based on previous purchase history at Diamonds For Less in Toronto, customers have loved the look of yellow gold rings in the last half-year. This trend should continue for the rest of the year. 

Elongated Diamond Rings

These are diamond rings of any shape apart from the traditional round ones. Elongated diamond rings typically are available in pear, oval, emerald, among other designs, which started getting attention last year. 

Contoured Ring Stacks

You may have noticed contoured ring stacks on a newlywed couple, and the ring has caught your eye ever since. If you want to make a fashion statement, stacking contoured bands is a great way to highlight the precious stone in its unique way. Stacking thinner and wider bands together has grown in popularity, and we expect to see the trend rise in 2021. 

The Classic Engagement Ring

There has been a resurgence in classic and traditional solitaire rings. While the ring has never actually gone out of style, it has been eclipsed by other designs in the past. With the pandemic forcing people to rethink their lives, many couples are opting for traditional cut diamonds. 

New Halo Rings

The new halo rings have gotten a significant upgrade in design over the previous model. The new design features diamond starbursts to sprawled out crowns. These unique halo rings are far from the classic look and reflect the personality of the wearer.

Choosing the right engagement ring can be a unique task, and at Diamonds for Less, we understand your challenge. We carry a vast collection of engagement rings and rings for other occasions. Let us help you select the best engagement ring style for your spouse this year.