Popping the question entails more than simply asking your loved one to be your lifelong partner. It
consists of picking a ring that will perfectly reflect your devotion towards them
All your friends and family members will excitedly give you their piece of advice regarding the type of
jewellery you should select, but the truth is, numerous people carry common misconceptions about
diamonds. To assist you in your search we have explored four popular myths regarding engagement


Many people believe that buying a diamond engagement ring will cost them months of salary. The
outdated rule traditionally applies to times when a few diamond retailers monopolized the market. The
advent of wholesale priced diamonds at a jewellery store in Toronto, Diamonds For Less, has put the
purchasing power back into your hands.
Shopping for an engagement ring in Toronto now solely depends on your budget. The size and quality of
diamonds, instead of brand names, are dictating the price. This means you can manage to buy a
beautifully designed engagement ring for your loved one within your desired price range.
Getting an engagement ring tailored according to one’s individual style was also perceived to be an
overpriced ordeal. However, technology has come a long way and the craft has been refined by experts
in the industry. A skilled jeweller will understand your vision and craft a ring that will showcase a
diamond which is cut and set to match your imaginations


In the movie, Sex and the City 2 when Mr. Big presents the love of his life Carrie Bradshaw with a
beautiful 5-carat black diamond ring and says “because you are not like anyone else”, we all reached for
the tissues. The film eradicated a huge misconception about engagement rings having to be colourless.
Natural coloured diamonds are the most rare and unique diamonds in the world. The quality of these
diamonds is dictated through their color intensity and saturation. Engagement rings that hold color
diamonds are becoming a popular choice among numerous women. Hollywood celebrities have been
showing off their invaluable colourful stones at award shows and in magazines. Thus, if you love being
unique do not hold yourself back and opt for a precious colour diamond.


There is a common misconception that engagement rings should follow the classic single stone solitaire
design. It is also believed that a sole big diamond ring is an ultimate way of expressing love towards your
partner. However, it is important to keep in mind that styles evolve over time.

The beauty of solitaire rings is now accompanied by the magnificence of side-stone rings, halo rings and
three-stone rings. Your lifestyle and preferences should be the sole determinants of the type of
engagement ring you will wear.
There are women who completely adore the structure of three-stone rings while others are in a
completely awe of halo rings. Similarly, there are women who love the simplicity of solitaire rings while
some prefer the added appeal of side-stone rings.


Traditionally one partner has shopped for a diamond ring and proposed the other partner. However, the
times have changed. Buying your engagement rings together is equally romantic and offers various
For starters, you and your partner can pick exactly what you want. The shopping venture also gives you
an opportunity to consider your budgets because once the engagement is officiated you are probably
going to start planning for the big day.
Lastly, just because you both shopped for engagement rings together, doesn’t mean you can’t plan a
sweet surprise proposal in secret.


At Diamonds For Less, we recognize engagements to be a beautiful beginning of the couples life
together. This is why we have created beautiful diamond rings that you and your partner will fall in love
with. Diamonds for Less associates have the utmost ability to pair the right engagement ring bands with
extravagant diamonds that are cut and set for perfection.

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