Proposing to your loved one should be a memorable experience. This moment should be very special as it will be talked about for years. Winter proposals are especially romantic because there is something very magical about this season. If you’re thinking about popping the question, the following ideas may provide you with some inspiration:

A Cozy Night in

Colder temperatures mean cozy nights indoors with your partner. This can make for a perfect proposal. There’s nothing quite as charming as the coziness of an indoor setting, and if you combine warm drinks like hot chocolate or even wine into the mix, the mood will be just right. If you want to be creative, you can create a custom mug or blanket with the phrase “will you marry me” printed on the item to surprise your partner with an adorable keepsake.

A Snowy Proposal

This is a simple yet magical proposal idea that your partner will love, so keep a lookout for a light snowfall and prepare in advance so that you’re ready. An overnight snowfall would be especially ideal because you can wake up early and make a trail of footprints leading towards an outdoor area where you will propose. You can then do breakfast in bed or a romantic dinner if you propose at night.

A Nice Winter Stroll

Ask your partner to go for a walk on a beautiful winter morning and propose during this romantic stroll. Try to select a nice path, and a sunrise walk is a really great idea if you can pull this off.

A Magical Backdrop

The winter is full of lights, and you can use them to propose against a magical backdrop. You can keep it simple by asking your partner to marry you in front of lights or you can set up the question written in lights if you want to take it one step further. Lights will make a beautiful backdrop, so take advantage of the season and create a romantic space.

The Surprise Proposal

If you know for a fact that your partner likes surprises, you can plan a surprise family proposal at a gathering. You can do this when everyone is together at the table or while everyone is together in the living room and can even pretend like you can’t make it to a family function and show up as a surprise. The most important thing is that you’re certain that your partner would be okay to incorporate their family into the proposal, as this idea may not be suitable for everyone.

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