Since I can’t be part of the contest, I decided I’d share my proposal story anyway for those of you who were wondering “How did he do it?”

18 of us, between family and friends, flew down south in January. Halfway through the week-long trip, along with the help of his friends, he planned an “adventure day” full of lots of “FUN” activities (ATVing, canoeing, and zip-lining). All of us ladies got ready bright and early, (not very excited to be taking valuable time away from our tanning) to join the boys in the ‘fun’ that they planned for “us”! Our first activity was zip-lining and because I hadn’t done in before, I kept insisting my boyfriend go after me. Little did I know he had planned to be waiting on his knee at the end of the zip-line ready to propose, as I prepared for my landing. Since that didn’t work out, he resorted to the canoe, on which he kept insisting I join him on the back of it to “relax”, while he canoes… Worried that we would flip, I didn’t move from my seat and therefore ruined his proposal, yet again. At this point, I could tell he was very antsy and aggravated. I completely understand why now…. I would be too, if I had to “borrow” my friends necklace (who claimed to have a rash due to the chain) to loop my future brides ring through it, while purposely wearing a t-shirt in the scorching sun to cover it, so she wouldn’t catch on… All, while being in a foreign country. LOL

Okay, so plan #2 failed… Next best thing? He decided to wait until we got back to our hotel and were all finished eating; the two of us then walked over to the beach, sat and talked for a little about how much fun the trip had been and whether or not in the future we would buy a summer home down south. I noticed he was acting really quiet compared to the usual talkative boyfriend I had known. Being concerned, I quickly had to ask him what was wrong. After many conversations, and sweat (on his part), the moment had finally arrived! He proposed and of course, I said “yes!” We then walked over to announce to the rest of the group, that we are now engaged! Of course, they ordered rounds and rounds of celebratory shots! I stayed awake all night staring at my hand, and talked about the proposal to the group all day, every day for the next 4 days of our trip! Now that I think of it, poor them! Haha…

There you have it ladies and gentlemen; sometimes the simpler something is the better. The proposal ended up being laid back and that’s exactly who we are. So, as you see, every couple has their own story, their own memories and their own personalities that create the proposal. Therefore, each and every one of you have or will create your own definition for the word “proposal.” Congratulations to those of you who already have proposed and good luck to those of you who will!

Let the wedding planning begin….. lol

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