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The World of Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds.

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The rarest and most unique diamonds in the world are the Natural Fancy Coloured Diamonds, their beauty and colour is what makes every single diamond a one of a kind piece. Their color intensity and saturation is what defines a colored diamond, the stronger and more saturated the color the better the quality (please see scale graph below). Clarity and cut are graded with the same GIA scale as white diamonds but do not have the same impact on the value as it would on a white diamond. The major attribute is color (yellow, pink, blue, purple, orange, red etc.), color intensity and carat size.

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Here at Diamonds For Less we have a wide selection of diamonds that you can come in and see live but with our worldwide reach and our over 40-year experience in the coloured diamond industry we can serve our clients to source the rarest and most beautiful coloured diamonds in the world. No matter what size or color you are looking for we are able to find a range of diamonds that would suit our customer needs.

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Our specialty in the diamond industry goes beyond what most clients have known Diamonds For Less for, diamond jewellery and diamond engagement rings. We have been serving our clients for over 30 years with unique and extremely rare one of a kind diamonds, in sizes that exceed the 3 carats and go up to 20 carats plus, in white and natural fancy coloured diamonds. As a wholesale office, we have direct and personal relationships with the largest manufacturers in the world; our daily dealing with such rare diamonds give us the edge to be the foremost experts in the field and allows us to find the perfect stone for you at the best price possible.

Yellow coloured diamond jewellery Necklace

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