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Conflict Diamonds

One of the most important challenges our industry faces is conflict diamonds. Sometimes referred to as “blood diamonds”, conflict diamonds are seized in war-torn areas to fund anti-government military actions. These diamonds are the currency of fighters opposed to legitimate governments – those recognized by the UN. International security policies, such as the Kimberley Process and the System of Warranties, have succeeded in reducing conflict diamonds to less than 1% of the worlds diamond supply.

What is The Kimberley Process

The Kimberley Process, implemented by the U.N in 2002, promotes the trading of diamonds from legitimate sources, Each shipment of rough diamonds transported across an international border must be in a tamper-proof container accompanied by a government-validated certificate assuring it originated from conflict-free sources. Shipments can only be exported to a participating country. Certificates must be resistant to forgery, uniquely numbered and dated with a description of contents. Today, 74 governments are bound by the Kimberley Process, ensuring that more than 99% of the world’s diamonds are certified from conflict-free sources.

Our Commitment to Conflict Free Diamonds

Dear Clients

Since 2003 organizations in our industry have agreed on a program of self-regulation to complement the Kimberley Process created by the governments of nations involved in the diamond trade. We at Diamonds For Less welcomed the introduction of this global system to combat the illicit traffic in conflict diamonds and our policy has been to support the industry’s self-regulation program.

The core of that program is a chain of warranties that follows rough diamonds, polished diamonds and jewelry containing diamonds through the supply chain. For any diamond product we buy we require our suppliers to make the following System of Warranties statement:

“The diamonds herein invoiced have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and in compliance with United Nations resolutions. The seller hereby guarantees that these diamonds are certified to be from sources that are free from conflict, based on personal knowledge, and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds.’

As a trade member supporting this program, we are continuing to require our suppliers to subscribe to the warranty system and will, therefore, review any supplier that declines to participate.


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