Diamond Shapes

Diamonds bear incredible beauty in all shapes and forms. Selecting a diamond engagement ring for your beloved that will adorn their lifestyle and suffice their desires is a journey on its own. You will agree that the shape of the diamond is a leading factor for all buyers. Well luckily, there are plenty of them.

Round-Cut Diamond
Higher demand for round shaped diamonds is a contributing factor to its popularity while low production of the structure makes it increasingly expensive. Significant mass gets dissipated in the cutting of round shaped stones thus, each preserved carat counts. Nonetheless, the expense and labour are worth the shape since it offers customizability regarding the colour and degree of clarity while maintaining an excellent flare.

Oval-Cut Diamond
Oval shaped diamonds are an excellent choice for people who adore the shine of round shaped diamonds but fancy something unique. The lengthened oval shape produces an illusion of larger diamonds while making the ring of wearer appear long and slim.

Pear-Shaped Diamond
The shape to recently grace the ring finger of R&B and Pop singer, Ariana Grande is a brilliant amalgamation of marquise and round shape. Pear shaped diamonds are designed to perfect symmetry with the tip lined with the highest point of the rounded side, that should be precisely cut in a semicircle.  The narrow tip of the stone is supposed to point towards the hand of the wearer. Pear shaped diamonds are shaped in a range of slim to broad cuts.

Princess-Cut Diamond
Princess Cut sits on top of the non-round diamond realm and offers high compatibility with all types of rings. The square shape of the princess cut resembles the octahedron rough stone that it’s cut from. The higher preservation of stone mass enables princess cut diamonds to be less costly than round cut diamonds.

Marquise-Cut Diamond
Marquise-shaped diamonds possess the largest crown surfaces areas compared to all other structures, maximizing the size and carat weight. The elongated form gives finger a lengthened and slender appearance. There is a presence of bow-tie effect in marquise shaped stones that range from faint to severe and can be visually assessed.

Emerald-Cut Diamond
The unique and elegant emerald cut diamonds are designed to display a hall-of-mirrors effect through a series of light and dark arrangements. The low fire in emerald cut diamonds fails to steal the grace from remarkable flares the cut gives off.

Asscher-Cut Diamond
Since emerald cut diamonds solely range in rectangular structures, Asscher cut opens doors for people who prefer square shaped diamonds in a similar style. The integration of a higher crown and large step facets generates high brilliance in Asscher cuts. The cropped corners of Asscher cut diamonds produce an octagonal form and appear to foster concentric squares.

Radiant-Cut Diamond
Mainly rectangular and square shaped, radiant cut diamonds are designed with trimmed corners and brilliant cut facet patterns in both its pavilion and crown. As the name suggests, Radiant cut diamonds are incredibly vibrant.

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