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Dos And Don’ts

Why Pre-Certified?

Should you care whether a diamond is pre-certified when considering your purchase?
Absolutely! Unless you don’t care about what you are buying, pre-certified diamonds provide you with peace of mind. Knowing what you are receiving is exactly what you bargained for, is imperative. It is how Diamonds For Less conducts business.

Diamond Jewelry

Pre-Certified diamonds are always accompanied by a document, stating the carat, clarity, cut and colour as well as any and all other specific details pertaining to the diamond. The loose stone is weight and graded prior to being set in any piece of jewellery. Although this is very important to understand, it is far more critical that an independent, unbiased, and certified gemologist conducts the process. Diamonds For Less only carries independently pre-certified diamonds by the most reputable gemologists in the world. Namely, GIA, GEM SCAN, IGI, and EGI. This provides you the piece of mind that every diamond you purchase has been inspected, graded, and analyzed by an unbiased and trustworthy third party. Diamonds that are accompanied by the grading reports are the highest value in the industry.

Certification or Appraisal?
“Is there really a difference?”

You bet there is. And the difference can be astronomical! Let us set the record straight. Appraisals are approximate estimations. Normally, you will find they contain fine print stating that the appraiser assumes no responsibility or liability for the document and that this is only their opinion. Opinion? Would you place your trust merely on somebody’s opinion for any significant purchase? And not be confident of what you are buying? Appraisals serve a major purpose; Retail or replacement value documentation for insurance purposes.

Ask yourself, “How can I be confident of my purchase if the jeweler or dealer is grading my diamonds?” Doesn’t sound like a wise decision, does it?

At Diamonds For Less, before purchasing a diamond, you will always review a copy of its certificate as proof that it has undergone this unbiased, professional examination.

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