Even though summer is drawing to a close, there are still many ways to execute the perfect proposal. If you’re planning on popping the question soon, take full advantage of the final glimpses of the warm, sunny weather, and check out this list for inspiration:

Mountain Views

When the weather is feeling nice and crisp, plan a day to go out hiking in the mountains. You can turn the hike into a romantic proposal by arranging a picnic in an intimate but stunning spot at the end of the hike. Make sure to choose an area that showcases beautiful, natural landscapes, like lofty green trees or a crystal-clear waterfall. With a beautiful backdrop like that, they will definitely say “yes”!

Peaceful Gardens

While the plants and flowers are still in full bloom at the end of summer, enjoy one of the last days in the sunshine by planning a trip to a local orchard or botanical gardens.  While taking a stroll together and enjoying the peaceful scenery, you’ll have a nice, quiet area to share your feelings. Not only is this a great place to propose, but it’s also an amazing location for engagement photos!

Calming Beach

There’s no greater way to relish the last few days of summer than having a beach proposal! Spend the day enjoying your favourite beach together – listen to the breeze, dip your toes in the sand, and chase the waves before pulling out the ring right at sunset. The gorgeous hues painted against the sky and sun, reflected against the water, will create the best romantic atmosphere for a proposal.

Vibrant Fireworks

Take advantage of the summer fireworks and incorporate them into your proposal! This is a great idea if you’re looking forward to having great photos taken and also want to involve your loved ones in the surprise. However, if you’d like to make it a tad bit more personal, the key is to find a romantic location and provides a stunning view of the fireworks.

Somewhere Special to the Both of You

If you really want more of a personal touch to your proposal, pick a very important place and special to both of you. It doesn’t have to be in a hot air balloon or on a rooftop that overlooks the entire city. Sometimes the simplest things turn out to be the sweetest. So as long as it has sentimental value for the both of you, that’s all that really matters!

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