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We create beautiful Custom engagement rings Toronto’s community has come to know and love. We provide a personalized service of the highest quality. Our valued clients are treated thoughtfully and with the utmost care and respect at every private consultation, we provide.

The Diamonds For Less associates have an uncanny ability to match up the right engagement ring band with the most style-appropriate diamond, cut and set to perfection.

Unlike our competitors, Diamonds For Less does not persuade our clients to purchase “one size fits all” mass-produced, unoriginal engagement rings.

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Engagement Rings In Toronto, Progressive Sophistication

Our customers understand that the best in custom jewellery design and craftsmanship comes from Diamonds For Less in Downtown Toronto.

The team at Diamonds For Less understands quite well what makes a diamond cut sparkle with the most light and brilliance which will ensure that your hand-crafted diamond engagement ring or custom jewellery design will lock-in that loving feeling for all time.

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Diamonds For Less bespoke jewellery pieces are designed to a custom specification, are made by hand, and boast the finest brilliant cut diamonds which we ethically source from all around the world.

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We Hand-craft The Best Engagement Rings

Diamonds For Less is always committed to producing a refined and thoughtfully curated selection of handcrafted jewellery pieces for our customers, and we are also capable of providing our customers with unique engagement rings that are made to their own individual specification.

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Our discerning eye, attention to the finer details, and skilled goldsmith precision will make sure that even the savviest jewellery shopper will be satisfied.

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A Unique Touch with the Help of our Team

Diamonds For Less will give our customers one-on-one private consultations both before and after the sale as requested, and how we service our customers is a key benefit of our offering that is sure to set us apart from other competing jewellers.

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The knowledgeable staff of Diamonds For Less is always held to a high level of customer satisfaction and diamond jewellery knowledge in every aspect of the jewellery production cycle, from beginning to end.

Custom Diamond Engagement Rings Design

You Get to See your Ring Before you Purchase

All our diamond engagement rings in Toronto are made with actual diamonds in 14/18kt white/yellow gold or in platinum. At Diamonds For Less, you get to see your actual ring before making a purchase and not place an order based on mock-up samples.

Call to make an appointment 416.362.9944 or come to our Downtown Toronto location, to view, try and compare settings from our huge diamond engagement ring selection.

Custom Engagement Ring Questions

How much should I budget?

There are engagement rings available at different price ranges, and depending on your budget, there is a perfect ring for you at Diamonds For Less. Once you become familiar with the carat size, shapes and bands, you can decide your budget accordingly. Make sure you include your significant other in the decision-making to be on the same page. Remember, an engagement ring is an investment for the future, and your spouse may wear it for decades and pass it down to your children. 

What engagement ring style should I buy?

Since your spouse will be wearing the engagement ring, it is always best to consult with them about their preferred ring style before buying. While you may have your eye on a particular type, it may not necessarily be the one that your spouse likes. Engagement rings are available in several different styles, from the cut to colour and size. 

How do I know what size engagement ring to buy?

If your spouse accompanies you when buying the engagement ring, it should not be difficult to get their ring size. However, if you are planning to surprise your spouse or don’t know their ring size in advance, don’t worry. You can ask your spouse’s friends and family to see if they know. If that does not work out, keep the ring at standard size and after the proposal come in and get sized perfectly, we offer free sizing for life! 

What are the 4 C's of a diamond ring?

If you decide on buying a diamond ring, there are four considerations– the carat, colour, cut and clarity. This will help you immensely during the engagement ring buying process in Toronto and even when discussing the various options with a jeweller.  The cut and colour of the diamond are the most important among the four criteria. Having the right cut and colour is essential when choosing your diamond engagement ring. 

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What precious metals are available for the ring?

Engagement rings are available in various precious metals such as white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum. Diamonds For Less in Toronto can help you choose the perfect precious metal for you. 

Learn more on why diamonds are commonly used for Engagement Rings.

What diamond size should I choose for my engagement ring?

Once you decide on the precious metal for your ring, you can focus on the size of the diamond you want. The typical shape for a diamond ring is round, but you can also find them in different cuts, such as oval, princess, cushion, and more. 


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