The day you got engaged will always be a significant memory to be celebrated. Since that day, so many things may have changed. Whether you’ve moved, each received new job opportunities or made new friends, you’ve grown and changed together. So why can’t your engagement ring reflect these amazing developments?

There are a variety of ways to update your engagement ring and can be another exciting milestone and advancement in your marriage. Here are the four ways to upgrade your engagement ring:

Upgrading To A 3-Stone From Your Solitaire Ring

The solitaire ring is timeless, but maybe you want to add some sparkle with extra diamonds. Choose a band with a design that can have a centre stone and smaller diamonds on each side of it. 3-Stone engagement rings represent the incredible future that’s ahead for you and your partner. The additional diamonds should match the centre stone to enhance its brilliant quality. 

Give It A Pop Of Colour

Your diamond engagement ring is a traditional, timeless piece, but maybe you want to add some colour to make it shine even more. Adding extra stones to the ring, including sapphires, rubies or emeralds enhance the centre stone and add that pop you’re looking for., Diamonds For Less has the most beautiful yellow, pink, blue diamonds available.

Choose A  Halo

Sometimes resetting your stone into another setting with a halo will give you that extra pop and small change you are looking for. Already have one beautiful halo? Imagine your ring with two! Upgrading to a double halo engagement ring is a modern and trendy twist to the eternal diamond. Rows of sparkly diamonds surrounding your centre stone makes it larger than life. The added brilliance of a double halo ring enhances sparkle while simultaneously protecting the centre diamond from buffs and bumps. 

Change Up The Shape Of the Stone

You and your partner may have loved the traditional round cut solitaire years ago, but want to update the shape to something more modern now. The world of diamond rings is exciting, and allows you to find a cut that suits your style. Maybe you’re more suited for a princess cut diamond or want to be bold with an emerald shape. 

At Diamonds For Less, our team of specialists are passionate about diamonds and know how to find you your perfect fit. Upgrading your custom engagement ring is a special experience between you and your partner, and we’ll make it as personable as possible. Visit our jewelry store in Toronto to browse our beautiful diamond rings today.