Choosing the right diamond shape is the first step when looking for an engagement ring or an anniversary gift for your partner. The shape you choose will have the greatest impact on the overall appearance of the ring. While some shapes are modern and dazzling, others are reminiscent of vintage designs. Luckily, diamond shapes can be picked based on style, budget, and preference.

The shape of your diamond is likely to have the strongest emotional impact on your recipient. Find out if your loved one has a preference from the beginning by checking in with them. 

Popular Diamond Shapes

The term “diamond shape” refers to the geometric characteristics of a diamond. A diamond can be categorized into two groups based on its shape: round diamonds and fancy-shaped diamonds. Among the most popular and traditional cuts, the round brilliant cut is by far the most popular. Round shapes have always been considered separate from other shapes.

Various shapes and sizes are available in diamonds. It is best to choose the timeless round cut if you want something versatile. Princess cuts, cushion cuts, and emerald cuts are popular diamond shapes. It’s up to you what kind of style you want to follow.

Some of the custom shapes that people often opt for include pear, heart and trillion-shaped diamonds. Each shape has advantages and disadvantages depending on its appearance, brilliance, and price per carat.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Over two-thirds of diamonds sold are in the Round Brilliant Cut shape, the most popular diamond ring shape. Due to its refined shape, the round diamond can reflect as much light as possible, resulting in its incredible brilliance. There are 58 facets in a round brilliant.

Princess Cut Diamonds

In terms of diamond popularity, this fancy cut shape is second only to the Round Brilliant Cut. It is crafted from an inverted pyramid of rough diamond stone. Diamonds with Princess Cuts, however, are traditionally square and exhibit greater fire and brilliance than diamonds with similar shapes. The Princess Cut can also be made in rectangular shapes.

Emerald Cut Diamonds

This diamond ring shape earns its name by using the technique originally designed to cut emeralds. Emerald cuts are prominent in both squares and rectangles. They afford an abundance of reflections with their large table surface and long, straight lines.

Cushion Cut Diamonds

Diamonds with Cushions cuts have square or rectangular shapes with rounded edges, making them appear like pillows or cushions. Fire beams from the Cushion Cut because of its precision bending and dispersion of light. Unlike other diamond ring shapes, the Cushion Cut can be fashioned into many variations, such as a standard shape, a modified shape, or a modern shape.

Asscher Cut Diamonds

A century after its introduction by the Asscher Brothers of Holland, the Asscher Cut Diamond re-emerged in 2002 to celebrate its one-hundredth anniversary. Diamonds with an Asscher Cut have a smaller table and layered facets, making them a stunning alternative to Emerald Cut diamonds. The square facets underneath the table create brilliance by reflecting light. Added trimmed corners to the Asscher Cut give it an extra touch of style and stability.

Pear Shaped Diamond

An elegant, timeless choice, the Pear Shaped Diamond has rounded sides that narrow to a point. The pointed end of the ring should point toward the heart of the wearer if it is for a ring. Pear Shaped Diamonds must appear symmetrical to sparkle evenly.

Oval Diamonds

There is nothing like an oval-cut diamond when it comes to brilliance and fire. In comparison to other shapes of the same carat weight, the oval is considered a “fancy” shape. A diamond with an oval shape has a beautiful, elongated shape because of its slim body. Hands and fingers usually appear slimmer after applying it. Diamonds are less susceptible to chipping because they have no sharp corners.

Radiant Cut Diamonds

Due to their brilliance, Radiant cut diamonds became extremely popular during the 1980s. The Radiant Cut has numerous facets in its pavilion and crown, making it an enchanting choice. Combined, these features create a high level of brilliance and fire. It’s also a lovely match for round or square diamonds, thanks to its cropped corners.

You can select the right diamond shape for you or your loved one by understanding their basic characteristics. When you search for diamond rings in Toronto online or in stores, feel free to refer to this diamond shapes guide to make the best decision. 

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