The past few years were filled with togetherness and joy leading you to take the next step and ask her the timeless question. But before that, you must determine whether you want to select a diamond ring for her all by yourself, or if you’ll need your better-half alongside at the jewellery store.

Traditionally, one partner has acquired the responsibility of picking out the perfect engagement ring. The system worked smoothly until the advent of various incredible designs unleashed a desire in everyone to pick a diamond that reflects their personality and preferences.

The choice is a daunting one, and old customs stand in the way of practicality. Not to worry, below is a balanced guide that can assist you in making the decision.


We get it, the most significant thing holding you back from partnering up with your soon-to-be fiancé in a quest for an engagement ring, is the surprise factor. If you’ve ever discussed her likings in the shapes, sizes, designs, and colours of diamonds, then you can have your cake and eat it too.

However, if you are confused about her desires, then it’s better to pick a diamond engagement ring for her together. After all, she will be wearing the jewellery for the rest of her life, and you want to make sure she loves it.


Selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring for her is a journey in itself, and it will be a sweeter one with her. The process will give you both an opportunity to bond and collectively make decisions about the desired carat, cut, colour, clarity and design of the diamond that will sit on her finger for the rest of her life. Moreover, once the ring is ready, it will be exciting to see the final product of your incredible teamwork.


Buying an essential item for someone else can be extremely stressful, let alone a diamond engagement ring for your fiancé. Important questions, such as “will they like it? What if they don’t like it?” continually make you anxious. Shopping together alleviates the pressure off of you and guarantees a ring she will be happy with.


Picking out an engagement ring together doesn’t mean entirely discarding the element of surprise.

A “simple” dinner reservation after shopping for the engagement ring can turn into a sweet surprise gathering of all close family friends with breathtaking décor and a slideshow of your special moments together. You can go down on one knee and propose to her in front of all the important people in both your lives. Make sure to keep a speech and photographer ready!

You can also propose to her with beautiful diamond earrings or a necklace, accompanied by an IOU agreement that states a date you both will go shopping for her engagement ring and celebrate afterwards.

There are numerous ways you can make this precious milestone in both your lives extraordinary.

You just need an effective game plan and jewellery store that will help you execute it.


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