According to…
pro·pos·al /prəˈpoʊ zəl [pruh-poh-zuh l]

1. the act of offering or suggesting something for acceptance, adoption, or performance.

2. a plan or scheme proposed.

3. an offer or suggestion of marriage.

At Diamonds For Less, we don’t believe in putting a definition on something so special. A proposal is rather defined by the very couple themselves, his/her actions and his/her reactions, and their memories.

I, for one, was proposed to in January! Yes, I know it was a few months back but every time I share my story with others my face lights up and my heart flutters as if it is happening at that very moment. He popped the question on the beach in Mexico and the feeling was unexplainable to know that he and I will share the rest of your lives together happily ever after.

This month we’d like to have you, our valued clients, express your feelings and thoughts back to us! So, we have created a friendly contest on our Facebook page for you to share your proposal story/experience with us. The person with the most “likes” will be the winner of a diamond pendant! Keep your posts short and sweet because we all know that sometimes simpler is better (although you’re welcome to tell us about your skydiving proposal too!) The contest ends December 22nd, so join in on the fun, you have nothing to lose and a beautiful pendant (pictured above) to gain. For those of you who perhaps will be proposing in the near future and need some ideas, check out our wall for some good ones!

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– Amanda