When you are creating your engagement ring, one of the first things you need to do is choose the shape of your centre diamond. Every diamond has its own unique characteristics to fit the varying preferences of our clients. Cushion and princess cut diamonds, while offering a very different look, are popular choices for many couples. One thing is true about both cuts: they aim to maximize sparkle. When it comes to deciding which cut to go with, it is a matter of personal preference as both shapes are uniquely beautiful. 


Cushion cut diamonds have been a popular choice for many years, making it a great option for a vintage-inspired engagement ring. They have large facets that allow their brilliance to shine through while emphasizing the stone’s clarity. Classic cushion cuts are traditionally square, but the popular shape is a subtle rectangle with softer at the edges giving a romantic look. They are a very glamorous choice and can be enhanced with a rose gold halo to make it trendier. Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Cushion cut diamonds have high levels of brilliance and reflect colour and coloured-light very well. You can get some serious shine and glamour when you customize your cushion engagement ring. Alone, cushion cut diamonds have a “crushed ice look,” which looks fabulous when enhanced with even more diamonds. Opting for a double halo with diamonds would make her hand glow in every type of light. 


First invented in the early 60s, the princess cut was originally referred to as the “profile cut.” While traditional, they are often described as modern and glamorous with a more geometric look and modern setting, and make the perfect diamond shape for those that want it all. With the sparkle of rounded diamonds in a modern square shape, they always make a statement. The sharper edges of a princess cut diamond create the look of a bigger diamond, giving a royal feel and look.

They are more affordable because they more closely match the shape of a natural diamond, which allows them to maintain their initial weight. There are limitless options when customizing a princess cut engagement ring. They look beautiful in solitaire designs, as well as accompanied by side stones. You can also go with a simple band or a split shank with diamonds to add more glamour. Princess Cut Halo Style Diamond Engagement Ring

There is no perfect setting, there is only the perfect ring for you! The cut of the diamond is only the beginning, there are a number of ways that you can make your engagement ring as unique as your love story. 

When you are shopping for an engagement ring, Diamond for Less offers a wide range of cuts and settings to ensure that you are getting the perfect ring for your perfect someone. We make shopping an easy process, with years of experience, we can help bring your dream engagement ring come to life.