Are you looking for inspiration for your spring proposal during the pandemic? If so, keep on reading for the best tips and ideas down below. Hit the beach, pack your gear for a camping trip, go to a drive-in or enjoy a hike. There are endless options you can think of to help make your engagement moment an unforgettable one. Plus, spring proposals are usually pet-friendly as an added bonus. Who wouldn’t want their furry best friend there for this special time in your life?

Here are a few ideas you should consider if you are planning out a spring proposal. 

Go for a hike with a spectacular view

If you and your partner frequently take hikes or exercise together then why not use that to your advantage when it comes to your proposal? To begin, pick a location that is lush with plenty of flowers and other interesting fauna to help set the mood. Nature’s natural beauty will put you both in a good mood as you hike up to a scenic vantage point with a great view to enjoy. As your loved one is enjoying the view, get down on one knee and pop the question. Bonus points if you can catch a sunset or sunrise as well. 

When it comes to planning a spring proposal it can sometimes be difficult due to unpredictable weather so be sure you go on a day that is sunny so you don’t ruin the mood with rain. You should also consider your partner’s level and comfortability with fitness and pick a hiking trail that matches that. Be sure to bring along some water and snacks, and don’t forget your engagement ring. 

Catch the sunset at the beach

The beach is a timeless location for popping the question in the spring because it is beautiful and boasts plenty of romanticism. If you have a partner that loves the water and enjoys spending their free time on the beach then committing to a beach proposal is the right option for you. You can enjoy the gorgeous warm weather and stunning sky as the ocean sets. Both of you can feel relaxed in the gentle ocean breeze before you ask them the question of a lifetime. 

If you are planning on a sunset proposal by the coast, consider the fact that it will typically be cooler and windier as the sun sets so be sure to bring along a blanket or some jackets to be better prepared for the dip in temperature. If you want to get the timing perfect then be sure to double-check the sunset times beforehand and give yourself some extra time in case you run into any delays. This could be traffic or needing to go for a bathroom break. 

A proposal by the lake

If you want a proposal by the water but don’t live near the ocean then the next best option is to do a lake proposal. One great idea is to pack up a picnic for you and your partner to enjoy the lakeside.

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