Hearing about the four C’s goes hand in hand with shopping for diamonds. Asking about the cut, colour, clarity and carat of a stone is commonplace among the jewellery world, but did you know that there’s a 5th C in the mix? Probably not, which is why we’re going to investigate where this extra C came from and how it will impact your diamond shopping experience.

C for Certificate

The only way you can truly verify the information your jeweller is giving you regarding the quality of a diamond ring or necklace is to have a look at the certificate that comes with it. Without a third-party grading report from a reputable and reliable institution like GIA or AGS, your jeweller can tell you whatever you want to hear. When you hear the phrase “certified diamond” it means that one of these labs have backed up the claims regarding the quality of the gem.

Advantages of Certified Diamonds

You’ll find there are several advantages to purchasing a diamond that’s been certified by third parties like GIA. A few of those advantages include knowing whether or not the stones are real or synthetic, and fills you with confidence knowing that you’ve purchased a piece that’s true to value rather than something that’s actually low-quality. As well, a GIA report lays all the information out on the table, leaving very little to be mistaken about in regards to the type of diamond you’ve invested a lot of money into.

Is Buying Uncertified Diamonds Less Expensive?

If a jeweller is selling an uncertified diamond at a lower price than certified ones of the same shape and size, then it’s a red flag that there something shady going on. One thing to keep in mind when shopping for a diamond is that an appraisal is NOT a certification, it is a document for insurance purposes. 

Jewellers that Use GIA Standards

There’s a difference between buying from a jeweller who says that their diamonds were appraised by a GIA certified expert and having a certified diamond in hand. An appraisal done by a GIA certified expert only means that the diamond was looked at by someone with experience. It doesn’t mean that the diamond has gone through the GIA laboratories and was deemed to be a high-quality piece. You’ll need to be aware of this difference when shopping for diamond jewellery.

GIA Certified Diamonds

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