The diamond is an integral part of an engagement ring. It is the aspect that makes the ring look appealing and stand out. This is the main reason why the diamond has always been a popular choice of gemstone for an engagement ring.

The shapes of the diamond have changed frequently in recent years, but some of these shapes have become popular and often chosen for engagement rings.

Here are the best seven diamond shapes that are best suited for engagement rings:

  1. Round

A round cut diamond has been the most popular diamond shape and still is. Many different diamond shapes have come and gone, but the round shape has still remained the most popular. The reason why is because the sparkle of a round diamond can outshine almost all other shapes. To this day, an engagement ring with a round diamond is still one of the more classic designs.

  1. Princess

The princess cut diamond ranks right after the round diamond in popularity. It is a popular choice for an engagement ring. This diamond has a modern square shape (often referred to as a fancy cut). This square shape can reflect light differently when compared to other diamond shapes, giving the ring a very unique look.

  1. Cushion

The cushion cut diamond is a combination of the square and round shape. This shape is similar to one of a cushion, hence the name behind it. In the recent year, the cushion shaped diamond has evolved – with its current shape differing from an old cushion cut diamond. There have been multiple refinements and modifications made to this shape in order to enhance the brilliance and sparkle of this particular cut. The popularity of cushion cut diamonds has again risen in the recent years.

  1. Radiant

A radiant diamond is a fusion of the rectangular shape of an emerald with the sparkle of a round diamond. This diamond is deeper in the base when compared to other diamonds, in order to get the most sparkle out of it. The square shape is similar to a princess cut with the modification of cropped corners.

  1. Oval

Oval diamonds will give off a vintage look when compared to the modern round diamonds. These diamonds can be considered as a redesigned version of a round diamond. This is similar to a round diamond in terms of its sparkle and brilliance. However, an oval diamond shape will be more elongated.

  1. Pear Shaped

Pear-shaped diamonds have really good symmetry where the point of the diamond is directly aligned with the middle of the rounded end. When the pear-shaped diamond is proportioned correctly, they can appear to be in the shape of a perfect drop of water, which has made the shape quite famous in the last couple of years.

  1. Marquise

Marquise diamonds are modified round diamonds that are football-shaped and are narrow and long, which will give off the appearance of a larger diamond. This will make your ring more expensive since the surface area covers more than any other diamond shape.