While it might seem like the answer is obvious, engagement rings, wedding rings and wedding bands are sometimes used interchangeably, making their true significance difficult to decipher. Today, we’re here to clear up a few things about these terms and find out once and for all what the difference is between engagement rings and wedding rings.

The Biggest Difference

The two main differences between engagement rings and wedding rings have to do with the timing of the ring exchange as well as the overall design. Traditionally, engagement rings are given at the time of proposal, in which only the partner that’s being proposed to will receive a ring. Wedding rings, on the other hand, are exchanged by both the bride and groom during the actual wedding ceremony.

In terms of design, both engagement rings and wedding bands, can be made to suit the couple’s style and taste. In the traditional sense, engagement rings will have a larger centre diamond or gemstone that’s attached to a band made of gold, platinum, rose gold or silver. Wedding bands are simpler in design, typically made of a precious metal that’s free of a central stone. More often than not, they are adorned with diamonds or engravings around the band. 

Which Should You Buy First?

Like everything that has to do with jewellery and weddings, it all depends on the individuals. You can always buy a ring set that features both the engagement and matching wedding band if the designs are more intricate and unique. Or you can purchase the engagement ring first and purchase your wedding rings together as a shared experience.

Do They Need to Match?

If you’re planning on wearing both your engagement ring and wedding ring together, then having them match will allow for consistency in their appearance. Although lately it is fashionable to choose a wedding band that is different from the engagement ring. If you can’t find a ring set that you absolutely love, then consider having custom wedding rings made to match your engagement ring. Or have both your wedding ring and engagement ring custom made.

What About After the Wedding?

As you’ll ultimately be the one wearing the rings, that decision is up to you. Most individuals prefer to wear both their engagement and wedding ring together, especially if they’re a matching set. Otherwise, you’re free to wear one rather than the other at all times, wear them interchangeably or on two different hands.

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