It wasn’t just another Easter egg hunt this year for one of our clients, here at Diamonds For Less. He set it up so perfectly that his future bride would search high and low for every single egg, as this is a yearly ritual.

So here is how he did it…..

Each egg represented another year they dated. (6 years = 6 eggs) All eggs numbered, and hidden … he sent her on her hunt. As she opened each egg she received clues as to where the next one could be. Not thinking anything of it, she was on her way… getting closer and closer to the final egg! When she found the 5th egg, she opened it for her last clue which led her to where her boyfriend was waiting (holding the egg in hand). He slowly unwrapped the chocolate egg and got to the plastic yellow packaging… He got down on one knee & opened the yellow container to reveal her unique diamond engagement ring. All of this was captured with the help of a friend videotaping/snapping pictures of the moment. Not only does she have an engagement ring but a video to play over and over. What a proposal!

Congratulations to the happy couple, Jacob & Samantha.